Our services help your company stay competitive & succeed.

Hosted Virtual desktops - VDI

Why not remove the burden and headaches that come with managing physical desktops by converting over to a hosted VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution?

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Managed Cloud & IT Services

Our cloud solutions are designed to fulfill the IT needs of the small and medium sized businesses.  Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions, from Hosted Virtual Desktops to Disaster recovery for your servers, each filling a need that will help your company succeed.

Point of sale Depot Services

A complete roll-out of new equipment can be a daunting task. South Seas Data’s expertise in shipping, deploying, and installing new or updated point-of-sale equipment makes that daunting task easier and faster for your organization.

Software Development

The development team at South Seas Data is experienced in a wide variety of technologies, ensuring that no matter the need - the most appropriate system is used to resolve the issue.