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Desktop as a service - VDI - Hosted Virtual desktops

South Seas Data (DaaS) Desktop as a Service is a cost-effective way of providing Windows and Linux desktops to users via local computers, thin clients, or BYOD. South Seas Data DaaS provides IT with centralized desktop control and security, centralized data control and security, and centralized backup and disaster recovery for those virtual PCs, all while eliminating the capital expense of on premise VDI or traditional desktop environments. 


 In a conventional, hardware environment, new software can often times lead to costly hardware upgrades.  In our DaaS solution, existing client hardware remains the same, saving expenses and time spent upgrading hardware.


 With South Seas Data DaaS, you can be sure that your data will be stored and secured in our cloud in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.  Our solution offers Business Continuity Solutions by providing your employees with access to their desktops and applications in the event of a disaster or outage, while providing daily snapshots and backups of your data.


Access Linux and Microsoft based operating systems on multiple devices without the need of accruing new hardware.  Always have the latest and greatest operating systems and software without the need to upgrade your existing hardware.

With a Desktop-as-a-Service solution, even a small business can operate like a large company, with constant up-times and effective Disaster Recovery Solutions.  Our DaaS solution is based on the simple principle that your desktop/workstation is provided to you in a secure and stable environment without the steep cost and headaches that you incur with physical desktops, all the while providing you better recovery and support tools.

From small to medium organizations, a sizable amount of resources are poured into the maintenance of desktops and infrastructure behind it. The cost of these resources are never ending as hardware breaks down, software evolves, and security requirements need to be met. A modern alternative to the traditional physical desktop is to virtualize it, bringing the cost and resources to a single predictable operating expense that often times is more affordable. The South Seas Data Hosted Desktop solution gives you all the benefits and control of an in-house solution, along with added disaster recovery and business continuity, without the steep cost of building your own VDI solution.

Additionally with DaaS you can adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment or rely on thin client or zero client hardware that enable users to connect to their company resources. This enables the company to save on purchasing expensive desktops and rely on a more cost effective expenditure model.