Software Development Services

We have built SIR to replace the user’s experience and turn it into a locked down, secure and user friendly experience.


Primarily geared in assisting companies in the migration from legacy to cloud infrastructure.

The development team at South Seas Data is experienced in a wide variety of technologies, ensuring that no matter the need the most appropriate system is used to resolve the issue.


  • C#

  • VB.NET




  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Mono.NET

  • PHP

  • HTML5


  • MS-SQL

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Oracle

  • Flat-file Databases


Professional Software Development Services Management – Integration – Migration – Legacy Support

Using the Agile Software Development methodology provides a very transparent approach to development, enabling the customer to see their project as its developed. This leads to faster turnarounds and more accurate and polished results when the project is complete. The purpose of the Agile Software Development methodology is to keep the stake holders in the loop and active in the development of the project. The agile approach also keeps the developers moving faster and gets results quicker and more accurately for testing and proofing.


Following the highest standards for code completeness and commenting we ensure that the end result code is clear and manageable. This approach allows for future development and patching or issue management to be done in a much more efficient and logical approach. 

XML documentation is created and managed as each method is commented properly to ensure that everything is appropriately utilized and easy to understand. 

Ensuring code is clean and clear allows future development to add additional features and integrate new systems with much less effort.



South Seas Data understands how difficult it can be to move from legacy applications or hardware. Taking the leap from those legacy applications can become an insurmountable problem for the business, leaving IT to continually maintain dated applications and hardware. 

One of the goals of the South Seas Data Software Development team is to facilitate the movement away from legacy applications and to move the business forward, freeing up CapEx and OpEx allowing you to innovate and adapt to the ever changing world. 

In addition to assisting with legacy applications, the team at South Seas Data assists with patching current applications, shimming older legacy applications, and creating new solutions to bridge the gap between many different technologies.


  • Legacy Application Support

  • Application Shims

  • Data Redirection / Migration

  • Windows to Linux Integration

  • Database Brokering

  • Interop Services

  • Data Integrity Monitoring

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