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Employee Spotlight: James Thrower

Meet James Thrower 7 year veteran of South Seas Data Technical Supervisor Outside of James' dedication and outstanding work at South Seas Data, James pours his heart into music. From producing to enthusing, James has many amazing talents. While experienced in playing...

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What a Chromebook can really do

So I think a big thing when you're coming from corporate and enterprise level environments is you're looking at a price point quite a bit as well as functionality as well as looking at what the device can do and what the devices you buy...

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Doing more for your business with Chomebook

A Chromebook generally runs the Chrome OS, which is geared towards Google products. The good thing about a Chromebook is that they are built on a low energy, long battery life, and kind of a cheaper price point that allows you to do a lot with it for a low cost. The...

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