Custom Windows 10 and Linux System Interface Replacement


Supporting a Windows 10 or Linux desktop can be a large undertaking. Limiting user access while allowing the user to perform needed actions can branch out into months of work. There are a lot of potential security vulnerabilities and lots of ways a user can accidentally or intentionally break a process.

South Seas Data has thought of this in our 25 years of supporting POS devices. The evolution of that is our embedded interface which streamlines Windows 10/Linux deployment for embedded devices.


Ensure that your device is used for the purpose you created it to accomplish. The South Seas Data interface replacement software allows you to put your user on rails and make their experience exactly what you want without room for error.


Prevent fraud and other sources of lost revenue by ensuring that malicious users do not have the ability to place malware on your system. By removing the standard Windows 10/ Linux interfaces the total exposure surface is limited, removing many avenues for exploits by unknown sources.


Mitigate costs associated with training and inefficiencies in the Windows 10/ Linux user interface, and get the users into your applications faster. Having single click / touch access to any service or application you deem means less time spent going through the standard Windows interface motions. Support for newer technologies with simple integration, such as fully supported touch screen interactivity.


Reduce back-end operating costs by making it easy to support and update your systems. Integration of terminal management systems and streamlining the support process with a limited interface means that maintenance can be performed without interrupting the user. Schedule outside hours updates of the interface, services, computer settings and more.

Support & Customization Made Simple

The South Seas Data System Interface Replacement software is built in-house, this allows us a great deal of flexability in customizing the experience to the customer’s needs. No matter the purpose, we can help to create the exact process flow that is needed.

Any POS device that is capable of running a Windows 10 operating system can utilize the South Seas Data replacement interface. No need to buy special hardware to accommodate the software.


The replacement interface is designed to allow changing colors, logos and many other aspects of the interface to custom fit the needs. South Seas Data has recognized that customers may need a fully customized experience based on the endpoint purpose. With that in mind, the interface can be fully modified to fit the exact theme of the device.

If required multiple different configurations or themes can be created and used per image configuration, allowing a great deal of different approaches.


Running the South Seas Data replacement interface includes the backing of the team at South Seas Data. We stand behind our product and will provide assistance as necessary. This includes additional customization after deployment, TMS (Terminal Management System) integration, theming changes, as well as any troubleshooting or additional deployment configuration.


Licensing is difficult enough to manage, and South Seas Data wants to ensure that things are as simple as possible. With that in mind, the process for licensing the interface replacement is straight forward. Licenses are handled on a per seat (per device) manner. Licensing is renewed annually, or based on a pre-defined contract schedule. Volume discounts are available. Please contact our sales personnel to inquire into pricing, volume discounts and included benefits.