South Seas Data

25 years providing support and custom IT solutions to our clients


South Seas Data (SSD) established in 1992, located in Englewood, Colorado, has been serving Fortune 500 companies for over a couple of decades, providing efficient and highly qualified service solutions to the technology market. Point of sale (POS), equipment replacement and maintenance solutions for payment terminals and PC Hardware has been our primary focus. We have developed the advanced exchange and depot maintenance services to the highest degree of speed and efficiency. 

South Seas Data has expanded its service offerings to include an array of Cloud Hosted Solutions that will be applicable to the Small and Medium Business market as well as our current Point of Sale customer base.  These solutions address Private Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers (DaaS), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRaaS), as well as remote and offsite backup solutions.

South Seas Data maintains many levels of certifications and manufacturer partnerships where we can leverage those relationships and provide support and solutions to our clients. Here at South Seas Data we like to maintain a variety of educational backgrounds which directly translates to not only a more educated workforce, but a greater knowledge base that can be leveraged to assist with your needs.


As technology changes it becomes increasingly difficult to support those changes with the standard IT philosophy. Utilizing South Seas Data’s Cloud Solution allows for the IT department in a business to support things such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), while still maintaining secure access and trace-ability of resources. By supporting end users with newer technology the business directly raises not only the efficiency and productivity of the user, they help to improve employee morale with better response times and more manageable support ability.  Let us Revitalize your IT Department, contact us today to talk about our Cloud Solutions for businesses.