What good is your backed up data if you can’t use it when you need to?

Getting IT services back up and running after a disaster is often determined by how fast new hardware can be sourced, and then how fast the backup restoration processes work. When individual servers are involved this can be a complex process. Creating virtual images as a disaster recovery policy, either from physical machines or from existing virtual hosts will speed up the restoration process.

One of the easiest ways to get into the cloud, and one of the most essential uses of cloud infrastructure in general is disaster recovery. This can be a low-cost method that will give you peace of mind and keep your business technology afloat if you experience an outage.

How fast can you restore your data?

Recalling data tapes and restoring them to a new server takes time, anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Can your company afford to be without data this long?

Customers that employ some sort of cloud-based DR plan will recover faster from more isolated disasters such as catastrophic storage failures and water leaks that can easily destroy your on-premises server infrastructure, while leaving the rest of your premises usable. In these cases you have to devise a way for your server infrastructure to function in the cloud while your employees remain on-site.

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service


Easy, Affordable, Relentless Protection For Your Virtual and Physical Servers


A critical element in a complete high availability and disaster recovery service that protects all of your data and applications

Virtualization reduces costs, simplifies management and facilitates scalability. However,
consolidating servers and multiple workloads onto the same host amplifies the cost of
physical-server downtime. In addition, industry regulations and service level agreements
stipulate increasingly strict requirements for your companies availability and up-time, with heavy penalties for non-compliance.

Consequently, your business needs a strong defense against threats of downtime and data loss due to disasters, hardware failures, user errors and routine maintenance.

South Seas DRaaS allows you to protect your critical servers via a single solution portal. Plus, you can reduce downtime and lost revenues by quickly recovering systems remotely in our Denver based Data Center, to the point of failure or to previous points in time, all with push-button simplicity via our NOC center.


Key Benefits:

  • Protects all data and servers with continuous replication
  • Protects your business from the high costs of Downtime
  • Allows your employees to access your recovered servers from any place that has internet connectivity
  • Delivers worry-free protection from data corruption
  • Ensures flexibility through hardware independence
  • Enables fast protection - plus easy deployment and setup
  • Easy fail-back recovery to your data center
  • Provides a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Virtual desktops lend a hand to disaster recovery

The goal of disaster recovery is to keep users connected, but your regular VPN connection into your server room won’t always do the trick in a disaster situation. If you have virtual desktops specifically configured for a DR scenario, users can employ any Internet connection to access those desktops. Having these Virtual desktops residing next to your recovered virtual servers creates the ultimate DR solution. 

Have a Nimble Storage Array? We have your DR solution!

Nimble has native replication built into each system. This new service will allow current Nimble users the ability to replicate their data to a secure off-site location. In the event your local data is not accessible our service will provide a VM to spin up and access your replicated data.

The South Seas Data Approach to DR is a Simple four Step Approach

  1. Backup your data to our cloud using our Server Replication software.
  2. Create virtual copies of your critical servers to be used in a DR situation.
  3. Create a user portal for your company to access your data and servers in the event of a disaster.
  4. Once your company has recovered from the Outage/Disaster our service will restore your servers back to your data center.

A data disaster can be as simple as a water leak in your server room
or a hardware failure. Are you prepared?

93% of companies that lost access to their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.

National Archives & Records Administration in Washington

IT outages cost SMBs an average of $12,500 per day if their systems are down, not including its effect on their customers.

Bernard Laroche, “Despite Negative Financial Impact, SMBs Are Still Not Prepared for Disasters”

50% of businesses that found themselves without data access for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately.

National Archives & Records Administration in Washington

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