A Chromebook generally runs the Chrome OS, which is geared towards Google products. The good thing about a Chromebook is that they are built on a low energy, long battery life, and kind of a cheaper price point that allows you to do a lot with it for a low cost.

The good thing about many Chromebooks is that as long as they are not ARM and they are an Intel-based or an X86-based platform, you can actually do a lot with them. You can actually load Linux on it, load alternative operating systems and customize them for the way that you need. What we have done here is that we actually, on this Chromebook here, we have put a Linux operating system running the XFCE desktop which allows us to be able to take full control over the hardware in this device. It will also let us be able to use it the way we want to for our customers at only the cost of a Chromebook. However, we do not actually have to go out and buy a completely expensive piece of equipment just to do this.

Moreover, you still have the access to the USB ports, the Ethernet, the Wi-Fi, all within an actual good battery life. Sometimes you can get about four or six hours out of this, even though you can still plug it in. Most people would just plug it in if they were going to use it, for example, a POS system.

With this Chromebook here, you really can do anything that you would need to do for a standard business-oriented piece of equipment at the cost of an entry-level consumer device.

This could be used for something like a kiosk or for something where maybe you want to have a customer come in and put something to sign in or login into your system or registry. It could also be used for a display or for a point of sale system. Another subject there is about the security and the ability to lock down these devices because you want to keep that in mind as well. However, anything that you would want to use for a simple display user input device, this is a perfect solution for that.

I am Chad with South Seas Data, and I would like to show you what the Chromebook is capable of for your business.