A lot of people are afraid that open-source means that, when you expose your source code, or you use something that’s open-source, you’re allowing people, hackers, to come in and see how your stuff runs, and that affects your security. In fact, it’s quite often the opposite. Open-source actually has been found to be a lot more secure, and the benefit there is that there’s nothing hiding in that source code, there’s nothing hiding in that project that you’re unaware of. There’s no back doors, there’s no weak security system in place, that you weren’t aware that existed. That allows everyone to be a double-check, to ensure that the system is actually secure. Open-source allows you to make sure that the platform you’re running is secure, by world standards.

So a good benefit to using things that are open-source is that it allows you to move forward with the support of a community, a lot of people who put a lot of time and investment into making sure that what you are using is actually gonna be useful. The target isn’t to make money, the target is to actually become a valuable contribution to society and the world. There are always issues. Some open-source projects aren’t, you know, they don’t last around a long time, and that’s usually because something else better or bigger has come into place.

But, a lot of open-source projects are being put together by very large corporations. Microsoft is starting to go open-source, Google has been open-source for a long time, Amazon does open-source. They do open-source because it allows them to operate transparent, and allows people to see what they’re doing, and it creates that trust between the user and the vendor. And when you work with open-source, that allows people to see how you are doing business, and what you’re using, so that they know that you’re not hiding anything under the hood.

Here at South Seas Data, we will help you move to open-source, while we do security checks along the way, making sure that you can move to open-source with a piece of mind.

I’m Chad, and we are going to help you move from that closed-source, restricted licensed world, to an open-source world that lets you do what you want with your software.