So I think a big thing when you’re coming from corporate and enterprise level environments is you’re looking at a price point quite a bit as well as functionality as well as looking at what the device can do and what the devices you buy for your company can do and things like POS device, kiosk devices, just and user computing, all these various things have different requirements, different needs, different targets. So when you look to that, a lot of people just kind of look at what the manufacturer printed on the label and buy that. A lot of times that’s really expensive and you can actually accomplish that goal with different types of devices. Something similar like this Chromebook we have here, which was meant more for a personal audience, more for the home user, more for things outside of the corporate environment, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in that environment and it doesn’t exclude it from being used in that environment.

In fact, even though the eyes of Google who manufactures and helps make the operating system for these things, they don’t see it that way. They handle this in a more enterprise update approach, so at least from South Seas eyes, we looked at a specific issue that one of our customers was having and budgetary wise, they were not able to meet what they wanted to do in their project with a 12 or $1,500 a POS device. So they came to us with a question, asked the question. We said, hey, we’ll go out and look around. We’ll try and come up some creative ideas onto what we can do. One of the things we did come up with was why not use a Chromebook like this? Something that’s a an X86 platform. It’s a very versatile platform, but you have to have a lot of knowledge of how to customize it and what you can and can’t do with the device and how to test it properly.

Those kinds of things are what we do at South Seas her is we try to come up with those ideas. We try to figure out how you can use something in a more creative way while still applying security principles and while still meeting the corporate and enterprise demands for a device like this. And in the world of POS, there is a lot of concerns around security and that is specifically one thing that in some of our videos we talk about with this Chromebook, is how you can secure it for things like PCI compliance and for things like Internal Infosec compliance. But at the same time when we talk about what things you can’t do with this because not every device is made equal, so we want our customers to feel like they understand the situation rather than there’re just being fed a product.

I mean, I think you[inaudible 00:02:41]data that is opening your eyes to better ways to make hardware and software work for your business?

I’m Anthony with South Seas Data and let us help you find better and more creative ways to accomplish your goal with things that aren’t necessarily inside the box.