SIR System Interface Replacement

PCI Compliance requires encryption. You must encrypt data that is sent from a local point of sale (POS) device to a card processor, and between the pin pad and the POS device. Our System Interface Replacement (SIR) endpoint software can assist you with the platform setup and experience. 

We can save your data, help your business grow, and support you by replacing the user experience for Windows or Linux with a unified, custom tailored and welcoming experience. Here are some of the benefits of this integrated software solution:



1 .Easy configuration and control

Ensure that your device is used for the purpose you created it to accomplish. The System Interface Replacer software allows you to put your user on rails and make their experience exactly what you want without room for error.

2. Advanced security

Prevent fraud and other sources of lost revenue by ensuring that malicious users do not have the ability to place malware on your system. By removing the standard Windows 10 interfaces the total exposure surface is limited, removing many avenues for exploits by unknown sources. Security is a first step for success, we can help to lower your risk and keep sensitive information safe and protect your businesses from malware and other threats.

3. Cost and time savings

Mitigate costs associated with training and inefficiencies in the Windows 10 user interface, and get the users into your applications faster. Having single click or touch access to any service or application you deem means less time spent going through the standard Windows interface motions. We make supporting new technologies easy with simple integration, such as fully supported touch screen support.

4. Maintainability

Reduce backend operating costs by making it easy to support and update your systems. Integration of terminal management systems and streamlining the support process with a limited interface means that maintenance can be performed without interrupting the user. Schedule outside hours updates of the interface, services, computer settings and more.

We utilize the SIR system to align the overall experience with your goals and user’s needs and let you make well-informed decisions.

Are you interested in learning more on how the SIR software solution can help you provide the best in security and innovation to your customers? Contact us.